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Send money to your student and allow them to get help from their peers

Parents help their students help themselves with Studytable

A carepackage loads money on your student’s studytable account, and can only be used for coursework help. They simply open a studytable for help on our mobile app and connect with other student-hosts from their university, or virtually.

Send the care package

Simply choose your amount you’d like to put into your student’s CarePackage account, and allow them to utilize it as needed.

Student’s request help

They can ask for any course, any level, and connect with the student host of choice based on ratings and reviews from past sessions.


Students open up a studytable
This is for any subject within their university.
They choose a host based on their ratings
Profiles share past ratings and personality traits.
They schedule a time and place
The studytable duration and location are up to your student.

Students learn from students that have already succeeded

What other parents say

Studytable is a place for college students of all kinds to come together, and grow alongside each other during "the best years of your life"
Parent at Indiana University
Studytable has helped my kid tremendously while he has been studying organic chemistry. I sent him $100 at the beginning of the semester and he’s been able to get help many times!
Parent at Ball State

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